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Welcome to Fish Bowl Aquarium

Fish bowl Aquarium is one of the best aquarium in sydney which operates in most natural manner with an authentic assemblage of species. We involve different aspects of science, technology and art to provide the best of the aquatic world. We specialize in tropical, fresh water, salt water fish and plants from rare, exotic and native species. Our store carries large range of products from leading brands.

Our store is run by dedicated and efficient hobbyists who are technically sound enough to encourage the beginners by explaining different components of an aquarium system and most suitable choices for product use, drawbacks, advantages and applications of different types of equipments.

Store is conviniently located on Princes Highway, Carlton. We will appreciate your visit to our store to have a look at our beautiful natural aquascapes.














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359 Princes Hwy
Carlton NSW 2218
(02) 9588 9638